#15 Goheung Citrus Makgeolli (고흥 유자 막걸리)

With thinly sliced sugared citron (4%) added during fermentation Goheung Citron Makgeolli makes you almost feel as if you are drinking orange juice and it kind of reminded me a little of a less-sugary Sunny D. Unlike some of the other ‘fruit makgeollis’ on the market the tang of the citron is not limited to smell alone and continues to linger in the mouth after the makgeolli has gone down. It’s refreshing to drink and is definitely one that you could imagine downing copious amounts of outside a summer CU…..trust me I’ve tried it.

The flavour is not quite as strong as that of a Jeju Hallabong which also means that it’s not too overpowering thus making it really easy to drink. It has a natural orange hue and is smooth and light to drink without being too heavy. Made by the Suncheon Farming Association the brewery itself is based in Suncheon but uses fruit from Goheung. They have recently rebranded (see last photo) and now go by the name ‘Suncheon Citrus Makgeolli’ which I’ll assume was to make it easier for them to move into more of the Department Stores and make them a little less ‘niche’.  I personally preferred it when I had to go out of my way to find a bottle and not find it sharing space next to Jangsoo in a Hyundai DS fridge

  • Price : Ranges between 5000W ~ 7000W in Makgeolli bars
  • A tangy citron taste and smell
  • Goes well with everything
  • Alcohol : 6%


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