#14 Horangi “Draft” Makgeolli (호랑이 생 막걸리)


Horangi, which quite literally translates as ‘Tiger’, is definitely one of my favorite makgeollis and is one of the first I look for on the menu. It falls on the sweeter end of the spectrum and is definitely the choice for those of you out there with a sweeter tooth. It is pretty smooth to drink with quite a creamy texture without being too heavy. It also has a slightly tangy taste which makes it one of the easiest rice wines to drink. The labeling has a drawing of a guitar playing tiger which accompanied by it’s red bottle cap and red writing make it quite recognizable among those on the shelves. Horangi is also available in a ‘non-draft’ version which comes in a glass bottle and is sightly stronger. 

Horangi is produced by the fantastic BHD Brewery (배혜정) and has been effectively made in memory of their late CEO. It contains no artificial additives of any kind which means it is aspartame free and is instead sweetened with erithrytol, which gives it an ever so slightly minty aftertaste. It’s not pasteurized so as with all non-pasteurized rice wines it comes with a shelf-life of roughly 60 days, trust me this isn’t going to be a problem as once sampled it’s not going to take you long to finish and be wishing you’d bought two!

  • Price : Ranges between 5000W ~ 7000W in Makgeolli bars
  • Smooth and creamy and addictively easy to drink
  • Goes well with jeon and fish
  • Alcohol : 6%

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