#13 Filite (필라이트)

“It’s beer Jim, but not as you know it!’ might very well have been the first words out Dr. McCoy’s mouth had the Enterprise ever managed to navigate it’s way to a Korean hof that sold the beer-flavored entity that is Filite . Designed, as I’m not sure it’s brewed, by those canny chaps at HiteJinro, Filite is marketed as a “Barley flavored drink” and that is probably the most accurate Marketing campaign since Dudley Moore declared Volvos as a being “Boxy, but good” in the movie Crazy People as it’s almost certainly not a beer

For some reason HiteJinro seem incredibly proud that Filite uses “100% Aroma Hops” (more common in IPAs), a claim made something like 8 times per can. These hops are used to create the “perfectly balanced barley flavour” which if truth be told borders on the non-existent. The rumours still abound that Filite was specifically created to allow HiteJinro to pay lower tax due it not actually being a beer, whether true or not they’ve definitely created a drink with such a lack of taste or body that it’s not likely to see many risk a night on the sofa after arguing with the wife for a 2nd six-pack of cans.

  • Price : Less than 1700W in most marts
  • “Barely flavored”
  • Goes well with pretty much anything due to having zero taste
  • Alcohol : 4.5%

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