#11 Magpie Brewing Co. (맥파이브루잉 컴퍼니)

When the ‘craft-plosion’ started to hit the streets of Seoul in the early 2010’s, Magpie was one of the founding fathers at the front of the line as Seoul’s drinkers were finally offered an alternative to an “oh-beck” Cass and a dish of stale popcorn. The brewery started in the then less than luxurious surroundings of a Kyungridan alley and has gone from strength to strength. Magpie offers a core selection of Pale Ale, IPA (my personal favourite), Porter and Kolsch but also has various ‘seasonal’ options from time to time such as the fantastic Alpine Lager. Unlike some of the other craft breweries out there Magpie is incredibly well-priced with most of their selection coming in at 6000W for a “pint”.

The porter takes center stage!

The Pale Ale is probably one of, if not the most, popular drink among the regular Magpie customers and it’s easy to see why as its citrus flavour and smooth taste make it as much of a thirst-quencher as a stronger alternative to lager.

The IPA has a bit of a kick to it without both the overpowering aroma and aftertaste that can so often accompany this ale. It, like most of Magpie’s beers, is easy to drink and, given it’s meager 6000W pricetag, must be the most affordable IPA in Seoul.

The Porter is a little lighter than you would normally expect with a strong coffee flavour and a hint of chocolate making it VERY easy to drink. It is a good option for those of a ‘dark ale’ persuasion without being too heavy and thus doesn’t prevent multiple ‘refills’.

If the three other core beers on offer whet your palate and have you quickly raising your hand for another round the Kolsch might just leave you disappointed. It’s rather underwhelming flavour leaves you questioning whether a Brussel Sprout pizza truly is the worst menu option!

As well as a great selection of beers the basement bar also offers a range of pizzas from the old faithfuls of Pepperoni and Hawaiian down to a Lamb Meatball and even that above Brussel Sprout toping, yes a Brussel Sprout pizza!!! The pizzas start around 12,000W, are a pretty decent size, generously toppee and can compete with the best in town with even the aforementioned Brussel Sprout option tasting pretty good.

So if you like your beers served with something that doesn’t resemble the trash can of your nearest CGV then Magpie is the place for you.


The lamb meatball pizza!

You can read more about their story here.

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