#10 Jipyeong Makgeolli (지평 막걸리)

As commonly found in local marts these days as Cass and Hite, Jipyeong Makgeolli is fast becoming one of the most easily recognizable as well as most consumed rice wines around. This popularity could be down to the labeling on the bottle which sets the drinker up to believe that they are about to have one of the finest makgeollis on the market.  Boasts of the brewery dating back to 1925, making it the oldest distillery in Korea, give it that “traditional” feeling with years of craftsmanship filling every bottle.  Add to that the claim of their makgeolli only being made with Yangpyeong water, famed for its purity allegedly, and you could be forgiven for thinking this was going to be akin to the finest of Single Malt whiskies.

Alas, it falls slightly short of the proud claims of the Marketing team and does tend, unfortunately,  to resemble many of the mass produced makgeollis on offer in a GS or CU, although is slightly sweeter. It is also a little thicker than your common or garden alternatives but it does lack that certain something that would allow you to pick it out from a lineup. That being said it is easy to see why this brand has become one of the biggest selling makgeollis in the market with its smooth taste as well as being “registered cultural property number 594” and it iss definitely worth walking that little bit further past GS to find.

  • A slightly sweet and smooth rice wine with “years of craft history”
  • Price : Under 2000W from most marts
  • Smooth and easy to drink and not too ‘chalky’
  • Goes well with kimchi and jeon
  • Alcohol : 5%

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