#9 Albam DongDong ( 알밤동동)

Another well-crafted product from the boys at Woori Sool who brought us Gapyeong’s pine-nut rice wines. This time they’ve served up a chestnut DongDong-ju with a rich, creamy texture making it dangerously easy and addictive to drink whilst halfway up your favorite mountain.  Generally easy to find in most CUs dotted around Seoul it’s accessibility and easy on the palette taste make it a great choice for those less familiar of the joys of Korean rice wine as some of the other less sweet selections out there can leave a bad taste in the mouth in more ways than one.

Albam is marketed as a chestnut flavored DongDong-ju style rice wine and straight from the first twist of the cap you begin to smell the nuttyness. It is slightly yellow in colour, like many DongDong-jus, and the creamy appearance is matched with an almost velvet texture as one sip quickly becomes three and then ten. The label alludes to albam being slightly sparkling “톡쏘는” which wasn’t something that I was especially looking forward to as hazy memories of cheap wine down the park came flooding back. Thankfully the ‘sparkling’ is not overwhelming and serves to make it easier to drink. As Woorisool themselves say “This is a drink for those not good at drinking”. You got to love Korean marketing!

  • A sweet, nutty rice wine from Woori Sool
  • Price : 2000W from CU
  • Smooth and easy to drink and not too ‘chalky’
  • Goes well with Hiking
  • Alcohol : 6%

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