#8 Gapyeong Makgeolli (가평 막걸리)

A slightly pine nut infused makgeolli, hence the “잣” subtly placed on the label, produced by the Woori Sool company who proudly boast having “produced the first pasteurized rice wine in the world”. Woori Sool claim to use only 100% domestic ingredients and, as the label states, use Gapyeong water and pine nuts mixed with Gyeonggi-do rice to create their entry-level makgeolli. As readily available in Seoul E-Marts as long queues and kimchi-hawking ajummas, Gapyeong Makgeolli provides a great alternative to Seoul Jangsoo or something similarly tasteless.

Despite the addition of pine nuts to the flavour, it is remarkably easy and tasty to drink with a solitary 750ml bottle not really being enough to quench this Scotsman’s thirst. The nuts also give it an almost ‘velvet’ taste which in turn adds to it’s rather quick consumption and of course enjoyment. Quite whether the claims of sourcing it’s water from 250m has any impact on the quality of the drink I doubt but, however they produce this one, they are doing something right. It’s clean and soft texture mixed with it’s slightly nutty aftertaste make it a good choice for a Saturday night in front of SKY Castle….

  • An entry-level rice wine hailing from Gapyeong
  • Price : 1650W from E-Mart
  • Slightly ‘nutty’ taste which stops it being too ‘chalky’
  • Goes well with Gat Kimchi (갓김치) and Jeon (전)
  • Alcohol : 6%

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