#7 Jeju Baengnokdam Ale (제주 백록담)

Named after Jeju’s famous Baengnokdam Lake which sits atop Hallasan Mountain, this ale is one of a few craft beers that have made their way Seoulside from Korea’s island paradise of late. Brewed by the Jeju Jungmun Brewery, Baengnokdam is a ‘Whitbeer’ style ale with a particularly fruity aftertaste which lingers almost as long as last night’s BBQ smoke. As well as being famous for being Hallsan’s crater lake, Baengnokdam is also well-known for mandarin farms and you could be excused for thinking some of them had made their way into the mix such is the burst of fruit with each sip.

Baengnokdam means “white deer lake” in Korean and refers to a legend of heavenly men descending to play with the deers and lead them to the lake to drink from the purest of waters….nothing so poetic back home in the grimy bars of Glasgow where I honed my drinking skills! The company has put the story behind the name on the back of their cans under ‘Brand Story’.  All in it’s a pleasant enough drink without making you rush to the nearest GS for another beer run.

The ‘white deer lake’ story explained!

  • A Whitbeer Ale from Jeju’s Jungmun Brewery
  • Price – 4200W per can is pretty steep but it is on a 3 for 9000W offer which eases the purchase
  • Flavour 7/10 : A fruity aftertaste
  • Goes well with Jeju’s famous Hallabong oranges….
  • Alcohol – 4.3%

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