#6 Cheoeum-Cheoreom Soju (처음처럼 소주)

Produced by the Lotte Chilsung company, Cheoeum-cheoreom actually means “like the first time” in Korean which is ironic as pretty much anything you do after about the 2nd bottle will almost certainly be forgotten the next day. It’s actually made with alkali water which gives it a more distinctive taste than the other mainstream Sojus available, and has given lend to the advertising slogan ‘Happy Water’. As common on a Korean BBQ table as a red face, Cheoeun-cheoreom is an integral part of many a meal with some preferring to ‘take it down’ on it’s own and others masking its taste in a glass of beer (somek).

Cheoeum-cheoreom, like most ‘entry-level’ Sojus has become synonymous with the action of shaking the bottle before opening it and this is prevalent in their advertising campaigns with them even coining the catchphrase ‘Happy Shake’ a few years back.

  • Korea’s second most popular Soju
  • Price – !
  • Flavour 5/10 – It is Soju after all, it’s not drank for taste
  • Goes well with blackouts and hangovers.
  • Alcohol – 15%
The ‘Happy Shake’ campaign.

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