#5 Pocheon Chapsal DongDongJu ( 포천 찹쌀 동동주)

Brewed in Pocheon, a small city located in the mountains of the North East of Gyeonggi-do this Dongdongju is probably not going to become famous over night despite it’s exuberant export to Seoul’s local supermarkets. It is marketed as a ‘sweet rice wine’ and it’s good to know that the Marketing team had tasted their product before coming up with a tagline as “sweet” was definitely the first word that crossed my mind, with bland and watery being close seconds!

Mo Tae-bum, the Gold medal winner of the 500m Speed Skating at the 2010 Olympics hails from Pocheon, one assumes he honed his skills skating from GS to GS trying to find something that tasted better than this!

  • A sweet rice wine from Pocheon
  • Price – 2000W in most local marts
  • Flavour 2/10 – It tastes a little watery and too sweet
  • Alcohol – 5%

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