#3 Halla-San Soju (한라산 소주)

First those pesky Jeju-ites pulled us close with their Samdasoo mineral water and then they won us over forever by using arguably Korea’s finest water in their own brand of Soju. Named after South Korea’s tallest peak, Halla-san Soju is the pinnacle of Korea’s Soju range and is possibly the only one that can rival Sake for ease of drinking and taste: let’s be honest few of us actually enjoy Korea’s number one liquor.

While all these are undoubted pluses in their corner it does also pack quite the punch as it’s one of the few Sojus that still boasts a 20% alcohol content. So be prepared to forget your way home, argue with your mirror and probably look as if “your eyes are full drink” for most of the next day!

  • Jeju island’s top selling Soju
  • Price – expect to pay more than your average Soju….but it’s worth it!
  • Flavour 10/10 – It almost tastes like Sake
  • Goes well with pork, especially black pig!
  • Alcohol – 20%


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