#2 Busan Seangtak Makgeolli (생탁 막걸리)

Busan, Korea’s second largest city, is probably more well-known for it’s raw fish, baseball team and bustling film industry but it also provides a wide array of alcoholic beverages to quench the thirst after a long day on Haeundae Beach! It’s ‘generic’ makgeolli, Seang Tak, certainly beats it’s Seoul rival but then again most things would. Perfect after a long day ‘hiking’ the trails around Beomeosa Temple it certainly hits the spot, especially when accompanied with some pa-jeon (파전)!

For my video review click here

  • Busan’s local rice wine
  • Price varies but expect between 2000W (supermarkets)~ 3000W (hiking trail)
  • Flavour 7/10 – a little bit more bitter than it’s Seoul rival
  • Body 7/10 – a little thicker and less ‘chalky’ than the local Seoul one
  • Goes well with pa-jeon (spring onion pancake) and hiking!!
  • Alcohol – 7%

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